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Why is grapefruit seed extract in the spray?

GSE works by destroying the cell membrane of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, inactivating them and making them unable to replicate and survive in the body. You can see how that would go to work and deal with infected gums.

In addition, GSE is fact helpful in alkalizing the blood. Microorganisms like bacteria cannot live in an alkaline environment.

GSE is different from antibiotics in that it does not kill off the good bacteria; therefore the body can still have a healthy gut micro flora despite GSE use since GSE only destroys the bad bacteria.
GSE does not contain chemicals and is non-toxic. Over-dosing is unheard of. Lab tests show it would take at least 4,000 times the normal dose of GSE to produce a 50 percent chance of poisoning.

If your dog is taking medications, check with your veterinarian about whether the GSE in the spray may cause problems.

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