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Dental Health and Supplementation

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Dental Health and Supplementation

We don’t like it. Our dogs don’t like it. Brushing their teeth. It’s frustrating for all and usually involves some good wrestling holds to get the dog to stay still. Yes, brushing teeth is important but there are other options to keeping your dog’s teeth clean and tartar free.

Tartar is a yellow to brown build up on the teeth which houses all kinds of invasive bacteria. This bacteria eats away at the gum-line and also gets ingested with meals. High levels of this bacteria may lead to heart problems and other compromised organ function. Not to mention, the eventual rotting away of the root structure of teeth which can lead to abscesses and the subsequent pain it causes.

Begin with a grain-free or lower carbohydrate diet. These ingredients turn to sugar in the body which feeds bad bacteria and we get overgrowth – thus tartar build up as well as intestinal whole body yeast. Whole food proteins with vegetables are best.

Add a high quality probiotic/digestive enzyme product to help keep good flora in balance and help digest foods better.

Make sure the diet contains balanced Omega 3/6 oils with Vitamin E to help reduce whole body inflammation. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil added a few times a week will help reduce bad bacteria in the body.

A good large raw bone to chew on is also high on the list as it can help scrape away any existing tartar.

If you are not a fan of brushing your dogs teeth – which does need to be done everyday for best results – use a Dental Spray daily designed for dogs with high levels of anti-oxidants that is in an alcohol-free formula.

These are the basics of dog care to help ensure better success for you and your pet.

Karin Schoeler Copper Hollow Enterprises