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Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free

Why is there alcohol in so many of the dog dental products on the market?

The simple answer is because it is needed to keep the oil in them from separating out and the product from going “off.” If you mix oil (essential oils) and distilled water, it would separate out without the alcohol.

The interesting thing is that there is no need to put essential oils in a dog dental spray. Essential oils are mostly in there to appeal to pet parents so the maker can call the product natural.

In other words, the maker of dog products with alcohol in them wants to use essential oils to boost their appeal to the marketplace, and wants to add alcohol to extend product shelf life. It’s about choices. They could choose not to add essential oils. They could choose to use fewer ingredients and make a safe dog dental care product. They could choose not to add alcohol.
The minute alcohol is added to the mix, it is not natural.
Research alcohol’s long-term use on dogs on the Internet.
It’s no secret. Alcohol long-term use for dogs is toxic.
Do other people, pet owners and vets agree? Some do. Some do not.Like all controversial products, there are pros and cons.
The good news is Bark 5 TM Alcohol-Free Dental Spray for Dogs offers owners a valuable alternative to dog dental care.
Bark 5 TM is:
* Hand-blended with three natural products that even humans
use, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, propolis and distilled water
* Freshly-blended when ordered to ensure quality (shelf life, if stored correctly
is up to five months)
* Has no essential oils in it
* Uses water soluble ingredients
* Has no alcohol in it
* Is easy to use and highly effective
* Is a family owned small Canadian business with five barks

And yes, we can prove it works. Just visit our website for the “other” alternatives for your dog’s dental health and check out the testimonials.