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Should you buy the regular or the extra-strength dental spray for your dogs?

There are two strengths of Bark 5 – the regular strength and the XXS (extra strength). The XXS has the same ingredients, but the strength is higher, which tends to work faster on tough plaque. Additionally, when dealing with tough plaque, spraying two sprays twice a day is recommended. With some dogs, the regular strength isn’t quite enough for them. It seems to depend on breed, mouth structure, diet and how bad the build-up is and how often they get a spray (or two).

Ever wonder what an NN number is? Have you even heard of it?

It’s a number you need to look for when you purchase dog, cat or horse products. It tells a customer the product meets the relevant conditions established by Health Canada. The Low-risk Veterinary Health Products Program covers items such as oral and topical products for use in cats, dogs and horses, not intended for food, that meet specific safety criteria.

Bark 5 has a Low Risk Veterinary Health Products Notification Number – NN.D9Q9

A list of products that have been assigned notification numbers and their labeling information is available online at:
We are listed as Bark 5.

What Our Customers are Saying

I love the Bark5TM Dental Spray and will continue to use it. I recommend it to all my puppy buyers as a good dental care precaution.



Had to let you know how happy I am with theBark5TM Dental Spray; it really works! I will tell other people about it. Thanks for an excellent product.


Pet Owner

My 10 year old Jack Russell had […] unbearable breath and nasty looking teeth and gums. Since cleanings at the Vet are very expensive, I tried the Bark5TM spray as an alternative. After only 2 weeks of use, [my dog’s] breath is much better, her gums are less inflamed and her back molars have less tartar. I am very happy with the effectiveness of the Bark5TM spray.


Pet Owner

I love the dental spray. It works very well!



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Alcohol Free

All our products are alcohol free and safe for your dog!

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Just for dogs!

Our products aren’t intended for humans or cats, just dogs.

The Challenge

In an effort to find a non-toxic/alcohol free dental spray to help my crew’s breath, I was shocked to find out that none existed! 

There are a lot of dog dental products on the market today. Many sound good. Many even have “natural” ingredients in them. One is making the rounds recently as being natural.
CHECK THE LABELS CAREFULLY. Many also have alcohol in them and even grain alcohol. Alcohol is toxic to dogs on a long-term basis.

The Solution

As a Certified Animal Aromatherapist, I was determined to develop a product that would not harm my dogs. After several months of research, I was able to create Bark5™ Alcohol Free Dog Dental Tartar Removal Spray.

Our blend contains distilled water, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract and propolis.
And simply put, IT WORKS! And because our dental spray works so well, we went on to create other blends for common concerns. Check out our
product page to find out more.

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